Google Assistant and Apple’s Siri both enjoy 36% share of the voice assistant market

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August 28, 2020, 9:09 AM UTC

SEMrush’s 2020 study provides insights into search algorithms of various voice search assistants.

The report states, Google Assistant and Apple’s Siri were found to be the leading voice assistants with both having a 36% of the market share. Amazon’s Alexa had a 25% share in the voice assistant market, while Microsoft’s Cortana had a 19% share.

The average answer length of search queries was 23 words for the voice assistants studied for local searches. Further, the average answer match across all Google Assistant devices was 22%. For returning search results, Google Assistants and Siri used Google, while Alexa relied on Bing as the source.

When it came to recommendations, Google Home and Siri mentioned 10% of all the same places across devices. Google Home and Alexa had only 1% matching results.

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