Marketers should add emotional triggers into their Google ad copies

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August 28, 2020, 11:29 AM UTC

They should also have at least three ads per group to enable better testing.

Instead of creating generic ads with too many keywords, businesses should consider adding emotional triggers into their ad copy. Marketers should talk to their clients and other team members to identify the triggers that made their previous customers opt for the brand’s product or service. Using emotional triggers in ad copies can also help brands stand out among competitors.

Businesses should also add a clear call to action in their Google ads. Even though it might seem basic, brands should clearly mention what exactly they want their prospects to do after seeing a specific ad.

The author suggests companies should keep display and search ads separate. If search ads – text-based ads – show up as display ads in a colourful website, it reduces the chances of a user clicking on them.

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