Understanding consumer pain points can help marketers create a compelling webinar

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August 28, 2020, 3:53 PM UTC

Webinars allow brands to deliver more value than other promotional strategies.

Marketers should strategically decide the topic of the webinar with a goal to subtly shift the audiences towards making a purchase. But, marketers should first understand their customer pain points by hosting Q&As and conduct surveys via email or other social platforms like Facebook. 

While planning a webinar, businesses should make sure the topic is aligned with their product, and that should be aimed at triggering purchase of that product. Companies can also offer freebies and resources to motivate people to join the webinar.

Going live on social channels to share insights and tips around 30-60 days before the webinar can help promote the event. Businesses should then follow up with a CTA to build an email list.

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