Businesses should brand their visual assets to enhance their visual marketing efforts

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August 31, 2020, 4:56 PM UTC

But, they should avoid creating self-centred images and excessive use of brand logos.

Using recognisable colour palette and adding relevant, yet creative context to the visual content can help businesses brand their visual assets. But, organisations should also ensure that every individual asset contributes to one unified narrative with which they want to associate their brands.

Businesses should use consistent images and visual elements along with attaching all their channels with each asset to achieve cross-channel recognisability. Applying basic image SEO practices when publishing branded visuals on their sites and social media accounts optimise their efforts.

Marketers can also leverage image-editing tools to apply artistic patterns, filters and effects to their visual content and instantly hook their audiences. They can further embrace visual advertising on different social channels to increase clicks and build brand association among the audiences.

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