Share product videos on social media platforms like Facebook to improve engagement and reach

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August 31, 2020, 11:50 AM UTC

Producing compelling product videos can help brands boost their marketing efforts.

This article explores video marketing strategies brands can use to produce engaging videos about their products. Identifying a product’s unique value proposition and its potential audience can help brands create distinctive and demonstrative videos about them.

They must select appropriate video formats depending on the products to target and engage the right audiences. Create how-to, close-up, unboxing and animated videos to explain address pain points, demonstrate the product’s capabilities, and provide relevant solutions.

Writing storyboards and scripts can help marketers effectively visualise their ideas, introduce actionable CTAs, and include branding elements in their product videos like logos. Including videos in marketing campaigns like landing pages, emails, newsletters, and social media can help brands promote their product videos, generate leads and drive sales.

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