Creating “gifographic” content can help marketers boost their blogs’ appeal

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September 01, 2020, 3:57 PM UTC

Gifographics can combine the power of an infographic in a more shareable format.

Marketers can create gifographic content to make their blog posts visually appealing and retain audiences for a longer span. According to a Buffer study, using gifographics, instead of visuals without animations, can help businesses get more social shares.

Companies should also leverage visual content to communicate content marketing strategies or workflows to engage with internal audiences. Creating visual content, instead of text-rich documents or presentations with a few reference images for internal communication, can help team members and colleagues better retain the information.

Marketers should also create alt texts for all their images to provide context and help visually impaired readers understand their messages. Though marketers should use brand-relevant keywords in images’ alt tags to boost visibility, they should also avoid keyword stuffing.

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