Brands should ensure all aspects of their marketing activities follow ethical principles

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September 02, 2020, 2:42 PM UTC

Ethical marketing can help businesses forge long-term trust with customers.

Businesses should ensure their marketing activities adhere to ethical principles, both internally and externally, and promote integrity, humility, honesty and empathy. Marketers should not make false promises about their products or services to attract new customers. They should also treat workers fairly within the organisation.

Organisations should ensure ethics are instilled in their company values and cultures to promote ethical marketing. But, those set of values should not limit to businesses’ mission statements and handbooks. The leadership team should also incorporate the organisational values into all aspects of the business.

Though the entire organisation should undertake ethical decision-making training, it should be on priority for high-risk groups dealing with ethical issues. In such training sessions, employees should be exposed to real-life situations to identify, approach and decide ethical issues in a better way.

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