Writing interactive captions on Instagram posts can help businesses enhance engagement

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September 02, 2020, 4:12 PM UTC

It also allows marketers to add a personal element in branded posts.

Marketers should write Instagram captions in a manner that encourage conversation between brands and their followers. Captions can also enable followers to use branded content to interact with their friends through geotags, hashtags and mentions. It can further expand the conversation and create a sense of community.

Marketers should also be prompt in responding to the followers’ questions and comments and develop a sense of togetherness. Brands should also be quick in responding to the direct messages sent by the users to keep them invested. They can use the canned responses to answer most common questions.

Moderating the offensive comments by trolls and limiting the spams can help brands manage Instagram followers. Marketers should carefully handle such conflicting situations as negative comments can badly affect brand perception.

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