Agencies must adapt dynamic content models on social media to remain relevant and authentic

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September 03, 2020, 7:51 AM UTC

68% of US online adults don’t think brands share interesting content on social media, as per a Forrester report.

With the rapid growth of social platforms, agencies must adopt dynamic advertising models for social media, rather than following the traditional TV advertising models. Though traditional models with months of planning yields more revenue, the idea gets “watered down” and is restrictive.

Further, as social media is time-sensitive, by the time agencies convert an idea into content, its relevance is lost. Agencies should avoid repurposing their “hero” content because most of the content on social is throw-away and consumers have short attention spans.

Creating relevant and organic content while leveraging user-generated content can bridge the disconnect between end-users and agencies. This article states brands must listen to audiences and create relevant and authentic content that involves the consumers.

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