Marketers can use social listening tools to create consumer personas

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September 07, 2020, 5:10 PM UTC

Consumer personas can help marketers identify prospects among their audiences and aid in personalising efforts.

Leveraging social listening can help marketers gain insights into consumer persona analytics. Most social listening tools offer consumer data from demographics to behavioural patterns. Some tools also provide marketers with a feed of audiences who show purchase intent for the brand’s offerings.

Continuously updating consumer personas can help businesses reach the people who need their services via targeted ads, connect with buyers through their preferred channels and monitor fluctuations in consumer needs. While creating buyer personas, marketers can give them fictional names to avoid confusion.

Using social media analytics can help marketers analyse their target audiences’ age group and gender. The consumer persona should be built after carefully considering location and languages; occupation and interests; pain points and goals; behavioural characteristics; and spending patterns.

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