Introduction of an independent, third-party gatekeeper can help make internet more privacy-centric

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September 09, 2020, 1:10 PM UTC

Existing web browsers have strong commercial interests and present a one-sided view of privacy based on their worldview.

Having an independent gatekeeper would give transparency and much-needed control back to users. The industry can protect user privacy by keeping browsers away from decision-making in advertising. With browsers being in control, it would also become difficult for advertisers to detect fraud and identify where their ads are shown. 

However, a third-party gatekeeper would be responsible for protecting and anonymising campaign-level user data. It would also ensure the ad ecosystem never gets access to users’ personal information.

Users would have more control over their data – from how they opt-in and out of advertising to customise their ad experience. Any third-party like cloud service provider or SSD could become a gatekeeper, but, they should not be able to reuse user data.

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