Appoint content marketing agencies that match the brand’s voice, tone and style

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September 11, 2020, 8:59 AM UTC

Brands prioritising content marketing receive 13 times more ROI than those that don’t.

Evaluating factors like reputation, content ethics, project management skills and a reliable team of content creators can help brands appoint the right content marketing agency. Set expectations upfront, have a dedicated point-of-contact, and an approval process to find the right agency.

Brands must ensure the agency in question has consistent ROI records, subject matter expertise and aligns with their voice, tone and style. Identifying desired business goals and stressing on metrics that affect returns is recommended to hire the right content marketing agency.

Track metrics like engagement, site traffic, conversions, search rankings, churn rates, acquisition costs, and more to measure the performance of content. Organisations must share credentials, work-related content, case studies, and consumer feedbacks with their content marketing agency.

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