B2B businesses must gamify their marketing efforts to enhance leads and consumer experiences

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September 11, 2020, 2:12 AM UTC

Autodesk increased its trial usage by 40% and conversion rates by 15% with gamification.

With COVID-19 fatigue setting in, B2B brands could gamify their marketing process to provide value for their clients and enhance engagement in the absence of in-person events. Integrating gamification into marketing campaigns can help brands monitor and measure audience engagement.

Gamifying consumer-facing content can help businesses build a B2B community while attracting leads and augmenting consumer experiences. This article states that B2B brands must treat gamification as a long-term strategy and utilise it across multiple channels to engage prospects efficiently.

B2B brands should introduce games like trivia, scavenger hunt into their sales process, rather than engaging prospects with a “spiel”. Incorporating gamification into emails with animated buttons, CTAs, rollover effects and interactive image carousels can improve response rates on user-generated content.

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