Brands can use a combination of images and videos to tell stories on Instagram carousels

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September 11, 2020, 5:49 PM UTC

A combination of pictures and videos can drive the engagement rate to 2.33% for each post, as opposed to photos (1.8%) or videos (1.86%) separately.

With carousels claiming around 19.44% of millions of Instagram posts, marketers should get creative with carousels. Carousels give a “sense of sweet suspense” and keeps the audience invested. But, creating a story with eight to 10 slides, combining images and video clips can enhance the engagement even further.

Marketers should also ensure that each slide has a context and connects to the overall story. They can leverage “A before and after reveal story” format to recommend products, as viewers are usually attracted to transformation stories.

Brands can use Stories to build curiosity around carousels and use videos to drive conversations. But, they should limit caption length to 10 words to drive better engagement.

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