Improving consumer experiences can help reduce customer churn on ecommerce sites

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September 15, 2020, 3:33 PM GMT+0

51% of customers are willing to switch brands after just two negative customer service interactions, according to Gladly’s 2020 Customer Expectation Report.

Conducting a survey can help ecommerce brands find out how happy their customers are with the brand’s services. These insights should then be utilised to improve customer support efforts.

Businesses should further humanise their customer service and personalise branded communications as more than half of US consumers value CX over advertising when choosing a brand. An increase in customer churn can lead to long-term impact in a company’s bottom line.

Benefits of improving customer experience go beyond reducing customer churn. A PWC report found that a business could charge a 7% to 16% premium for their services if the brand has a stellar customer experience. Companies should also analyse other factors that might lead to customer churn.

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