SaaS brands could evaluate customer revenue and retention metrics to measure marketing performance

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September 15, 2020, 9:20 AM UTC

Aligning sales and marketing expectations can improve the percentage of pipeline generated through marketing efforts.

This article highlights metrics SaaS marketers should emphasise on, to measure the real business value of their efforts. Measure the impact and cost-effectiveness of marketing strategies across the customer lifecycle, as most SaaS brands rely on upselling and cross-selling for revenue.

Marketers must display conversion rates at each stage of the journey and compare them with the benchmarks to identify areas of improvements. Report on cost-per-lead and cost of customer acquisition to find cost-effective channels and gain insights on expected revenue.

With customer retention being core to SaaS brand’s revenue model, marketers should keep the board informed on customer churn rates. Measure metrics like customer lifetime value and engagement score to forecast the expected average amount of revenue from each customer.

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