Base B2B influencer marketing on authentic and synergistic relationships created

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September 16, 2020, 2:37 AM UTC

Tracking influencer engagements metrics helps create effective influencer marketing strategies.

With consumers overwhelmed by various online sources and the concept of “fake news” propagating rapidly, B2B businesses must leverage influencer marketing to build trust. Clearly define and align objectives with influencers to widen the company’s reach, build trust, and credibility.

Understanding influencers’ perspectives before incorporating them into campaigns can help B2B marketers determine how they will contribute to the campaign goals. Collaborate on different topics with influencers to execute thoughtfully planned, authentic tailored content.

Identifying key influencers and sharing content and comments on their posts can help businesses collaborate with them. Brands must categorise influencers by community and expertise to ensure appropriate influencers are available at the right time in the buyers’ journey. To manage influencer relationships, assign the accountability of influencer marketing efforts to one person in the team.

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