Brands should find a contextually positive place to put their online adverts

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September 17, 2020, 5:23 PM UTC

In a survey of 2000 consumers, a majority agreed that if a brand shows up next to negative content, it implies brand endorsement.

A latest Pinterest survey found that negative environments make people less likely to remember, less likely to trust and less likely to purchase from brands. Negative online spaces also tend to drain a brand’s marketing budget.

Showing up next to a negative content can decrease brand perception among its audiences. In contrast, six in 10 consumers said they are more likely to remember brands they encounter when they feel positive.

When ads show up in a more positive online environment, they can drive impact at every stage of the sales funnel from brand awareness and consumer trust to driving conversions.  Brands should look to place ads strategically and avoid monetising election-related content.

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