Brands should invest more on customer panels to create more customer-centric content

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September 17, 2020, 3:45 PM UTC

A customer panel can be a good opportunity to learn more about the customers’ point of friction and success stories.

Investing in recording software can help brands turn customer panels into a case study. Marketers can record live or video conferences and transcribe it later. By turning customer panel data into a case study can help brands leverage the panel as a lead generation opportunity.

Businesses can use those case studies to demonstrate how their existing customers’ have found success with the product. During a panel, companies must ensure they have good moderators who facilitate different point-of-view and make sure all customers are equally heard.

Before conducting a customer panel, companies should decide whether they would take live questions and how long a panel would be. After a panel is over, companies should follow-up with participants with a “thank-you” note or a gift.

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