Leverage AR tech solutions for ecommerce stores to augment virtual interactions and sales

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September 18, 2020, 12:20 PM UTC

Brands can use AR to help consumers preview products or experience services in their own environment.

With applications of augmented reality (AR) rapidly improving, ecommerce brands could implement AR in online stores to boost sales. AR can help expand a store’s physical environment by adding digital items and layers on smart devices and enhance user experiences.

Executing AR tech solutions like product preview placements, virtual try-on solutions, and interactive manuals can help brands attract new buyers and drive conversions. Create filters on social networks like Snapchat and Instagram with AR to increase brand or product awareness and engagement.

Being clear about the business objectives, using appropriate AR tools and promoting them through marketing campaigns can help ecommerce stores widen their reach. Produce demo videos, draft in-app instructions and allow users to share experiences to promote new AR solutions.

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