Leveraging technological tools can help PR professionals better handle crisis

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September 21, 2020, 5:25 PM UTC

There are tools available that can help agencies measure their efforts and predict their challenges.

AI and ML have been around for years, but the PR industry has hardly scratched the surface with the tech. There are AI-based tools like Signal.AI that provides insight into how agencies and their peers are positioned on crucial issues. PR firms can use these insights to find out how they can respond to a potential crisis.

Tools like Conversus.ai analyses the agency’s data to inform PR experts about what is coming next. These tools can help address specific issues like trust and mistrust, CSR, advocacy and loyalty with ease.

PR professionals can also leverage tools like Google Data Studio and Google Survey to glean insights from data faster. Apart from enabling PR pros better handle various crises, these insights can help figure out terms relevant to their target audiences.

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