Video ads and brand experiences together generate 4X greater purchase intent than video ads alone

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September 21, 2020, 5:21 PM UTC

IPG Media labs conducted a survey commissioned by Roku to measure the impact of brand experiences.

The study found video adverts on TV streaming content communicate brand attributes and lead to a better opinion about the brand. But it is brand experiences that offer utility and free content, which ultimately trigger purchases. When both ad types were combined, the impact was amplified by 4X.

Interestingly, streamers, with more frequency on branded experiences, reported higher purchase intent (75%) and brand favourability (87%). While brand experiences do influence the brand equity, relevance was the primary key towards driving popular brand opinion.

60% of respondents were likely to take advantage of a brand experience when the offer was relevant. IPG Media Lab’s Chad Stoller said, “… we know that consumers tend to respond more favourably to personalized ads that cater to their interests.”

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