Brands and agencies’ search intent towards “blogging” goes up amid the pandemic

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September 22, 2020, 1:21 AM UTC

A blog, an owned content format, is a powerful SEO tool and requires relatively little effort and expense to execute.

According to a recent Bombora study, interest in “blogging” has surged at both brands and agencies. Blogging is useful as ads and other media content need to compete for consumer attention against the news of the day, while maintaining its context.

So, businesses are looking at owned platforms, like blogs, which can give them control of their marketing strategies. Apart from this, Bombora’s earlier studies recorded intent surges around brand safety, indicating businesses were struggling with messaging to highly distracted and anxious audiences during the global uncertainty.

Search intent for “Third-party data” spiked in early June but wasn’t sustained for long. This surge is indicative of businesses trying to identify untapped audiences by leveraging new data sources.

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