Implementing ecommerce management platforms can help retailers offer personalised pricing

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September 22, 2020, 1:57 AM UTC

Commitment towards research solutions and tests could help retailers execute personalised discounting.

The retail industry would need to experiment and develop personalisation efforts, as it reels under the impacts of COVID-19, to meet the demand of modern customers. For retailers to succeed, they must implement personalisation platforms for their ecommerce, mobile and digital marketing campaigns.

Leverage purpose-built management platforms to create personalised pricing, discounting and incorporate it with other technologies to handle overall personalisation. Using insights from data inputs like demographics, zip codes, and weather can help retailers offer dynamic discounts and pricing for each of their consumers.

Applying consumers’ behavioural data further allows retailers to gather insights at a “customer-level” and offer personalised pricing and discounts. Retailers must create a personalised strategy across all touchpoints and use data insights to offer dynamic pricing and discounting to customers.

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