Maintaining online brand reputation can lower a business’s risk of significant damages

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September 22, 2020, 12:15 PM UTC

Over 80% of consumers turn to online reviews before making purchase decisions.

With consumers valuing online reputation, businesses should repair and maintain a healthy online presence even if it requires some investments. Repairing online reputation lowers the brand’s risk of being pushed out of the market. Poor reputation attracts damaging elements, putting brands at a risk of losing significant businesses, ultimately forcing them to end operations.

A good reputation can help build trust and earn a loyal following. To repair online reputation and foster healthy consumer relationships, brands need to maintain transparency and consistently respond to customer concerns. Even simple steps like reacting and replying on social comments could improve a brand’s reputation.

Repairing online reputation can not only reduce business risks but also improve profitability. With numerous positive online reviews, companies can easily improve sales and revenues.

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