Prioritise first-party data and collaborate with publishers to collect data in a post-cookie world

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September 22, 2020, 11:54 AM UTC

Creating mobile ad IDs can help advertisers track data effectively.

As third-party cookies and marketing tools dependant to it go obsolete, this article suggests strategies marketers can use to measure data and performance for audience targeting. To own and measure data in a privacy-compliant way, prioritise first-party data and create ID graphs like demographics, across audiences and segments.

This can be done by increasing the volume of IDs through site logins, prioritising consumer and first-party data, and incorporating martech and adtech tools. Collaborating with publishers with first-party data and sharing information about consumer personas is recommended to find look-alike audiences.

Developing audience-based buying strategies for private marketplaces can provide brands access to user attributes for contextual targeting. Businesses must employ new and existing technology platforms to harvest privacy-compliant, demographic-based IDs and data, to track consumers effectively post-cookies.

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