Track engagement analytics metrics for mobile to improve user experiences

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September 23, 2020, 7:18 AM UTC

Indicative of mobile’s growing usage, app store consumer spending is predicted to increase globally by 92% to $157 billion.

Businesses should use mobile app analytics to identify the drivers of most conversions and user drop-off points. They can use insights from mobile app analytics to make informed decisions, improve user experience, customer loyalty and increase sales.

User engagement analytics metrics can provide marketers with deeper insights to identify where a user found the app and which campaigns performed the best. This metric lets brands calculate the retention rate and analyse user churn.

Companies should further use analytics to view sessions by location, time and device to find out when, how and from where users accessed an app. With over half of the internet traffic originating from mobile, mobile app analytics can be an effective tool for a business’s growth.

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