93% of Gen Z and millennials prefer “purpose” out of brands rather than “politics”

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September 24, 2020, 6:26 AM UTC

Spotify’s recent annual global Culture Next Trends Report found that over 50% of Gen Z are more inspired to start a business now as compared to pre-pandemic.

While 71% of Gen Z and millennials are less interested in politics and more in “moving forward”. 72% of US Gen Z, as of August 2020, had plans to vote in the coming elections. However, 93% of Gen Z and millennials wish to see “purpose” from brands instead of “politics”.

65% global Gen Z already are or plan to be their own boss. Emotional, therapeutic and personal are the top qualities US Gen Z and millennials associate sound with.

78% of parents globally use music to bond with their kids. Further, 80% of US Gen Z and millennials believe streaming music services provide a gateway to other cultures.

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