Earning high authority backlinks from local area websites lets small businesses rank better

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September 24, 2020, 8:13 AM GMT+0

Search engine optimisation plays a crucial role in a business’ growth and helps extend the brand’s reach.

The first step towards achieving success in local SEO for small businesses is getting listed on Google My Business as Google prioritises results based on people’s intent and local results are relevant to the user’s location. Websites should be optimised for local search engines, while adding specific terms and location names that are relevant to their stores.

Ensure websites load fast enough and function seamlessly on mobile devices. While optimising websites, fix broken links, remove duplicate content, un-optimised images and improper website sitemap among others.

The author suggests that small businesses should reach bloggers, local newspapers and event pages for outreach strategies. Getting links from high authority websites can help businesses improve search rankings and reach broader audience effectively.

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