Craft personalised email images to entice repeat consumers and increase click-through rates

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September 25, 2020, 10:40 AM UTC

A ratio of 30-40% image to text should be maintained in emails to avoid the risk of triggering spam filters.

Incorporating images in emails can help brands enhance its aesthetics, improve engagement, and boost site traffic and sales. To integrate images in emails, brands should ensure the context of the images is consistent and aligns with the overall brand message.

Personalising email images based on consumers’ purchasing history can help marketers attract repeat buyers and drive conversions. Ensure the emails aren’t images only, as most organisations use image blockers. Optimising the image file size can help brands avoid recipients from unsubscribing.

Including ALT text provides recipients some context for the image and improves accessibility for consumers who use screen readers to understand images. Using email formats like PNG, and GIF can help brands enhance their email quality while boosting interactivity.

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