Reddit launches brand safety inventory categories to let advertisers select a brand safety level

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September 25, 2020, 9:52 AM UTC

The new brand safety inventory tiers are “standard”, “expanded”, and “limited”.

With brand safety concerns rising amid COVID-19 and the upcoming elections, Reddit has recently launched three brand safety inventory categories. These new tiers can help advertisers deal with “ad adjacencies” and protect brand safety and suitability on the platform.

The default setting is standard and is available for Reddit’s managed service clients but can be found on Reddit’s self-serve ad platform. While limited inventory is only for advertisers using Reddit’s managed service, the expanded defaults are for all self-serve advertisers.

Marketers can target up to 20% more communities with expanded. Standard inventory includes communities witnessing light use of profanity, within subreddit’s posts or comments. Whereas expanded would see communities with “cussing” in posts or swear words in titles. Limited inventory would have posts with minimal profanity.

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