Brands should create resilience strategies to adapt to changing consumer trends amid COVID-19

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September 28, 2020, 9:44 AM UTC

WSGN’s recent whitepaper identifies shifting consumer trends in the midst of pandemic and recession.

With consumer sentiments changing amid the pandemic and recession, consumers are more likely to prefer products with purpose and longevity. Wellbeing and health concerns are now critical consumer sentiments, as the self-care industry, and the physical and mental safety concerns grow.

Keeping consumers accurately informed about the truth will be vital, to tackle inaccuracies and false news. Further, consumers will increasingly lean towards “quarantainment” and adapt digital connectivity post-pandemic. Providing value to consumers by creating multipurpose products is recommended.

Developing holistic solutions that address health concerns and delivers comfort at home and work can reassure consumers safety. Communicate honestly about supply chains, while building real world and digital experiences to inspire togetherness, earn trust and reinforce relationships with consumers.

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