Implementing social media moderation policies can help brands generate useful UGC

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September 29, 2020, 5:17 PM UTC

According to a TurnTo and Ipsos survey, 90% of shoppers say user-generated content influences their purchase decision.

This piece suggests four types of social content moderation tactics that businesses can use to reap the benefits of UGC while avoiding potential crisis. Depending on their marketing strategies, companies can use pre-, post-, reactive and automated moderation strategies.

Pre-social media moderation is the least risky option, where UGC is moderated before it appears online. As soon as a user clicks the submit option, a team of moderators review it before the comment goes live. But, this would not work in a forum or time-sensitive products/services.

Automated moderation is fast and inexpensive, but its algorithm can also unnecessarily censor content pieces. However, brands should have at least one moderating process in place as a negative comment can be hugely detrimental to the brand.

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