Non-profit businesses should create content that addresses specific issues in the community

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October 05, 2020, 2:17 PM UTC

It can help companies position themselves as a thought leader in their space.

With non-profit companies primarily relying on in-person events to raise money and build awareness, they have been among the hardest hit due to the pandemic. But, this piece argues non-profit businesses can optimise their website by leveraging SEO – which has mostly been underutilised – and rank higher, build more awareness and increase funding.

Instead of creating a website that solely focuses on the organisation, businesses should create content to address specific issues that their community cares about or faces on a regular interval. Issue-based content can help non-profits reach the right audiences and increase the likelihood of their donations.

Businesses should also give importance to on-page SEO elements like meta-titles and descriptions. They should also make sure their content is easy to navigate and accessible to their target audience.

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