Working with a combination of DSPs can help advertisers capitalise on CTV’s emerging walled gardens

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October 12, 2020, 11:54 AM GMT+0

The shift to a walled garden model is blurring the lines between linear TV and CTV.

With CTV platforms moving towards walled gardens, advertisers can manage OTT, and linear TV buys simultaneously from a single platform. They can also get better access to first-party data along with enhanced control and measurement of reach and frequency across CTV.

But, as major CTV providers have their own DSPs now, advertisers must use multiple DSPs to target their audiences effectively. To avoid the risk of cannibalisation across campaigns, advertisers should strategically target their audiences, as many of these viewers will overlap across CTV providers.

The author contends that advertisers can use Hulu to access top-tier inventory across devices along with Roku and Amazon for their respective devices. They should use independent DSPs like The Trade to access the remaining inventory.

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