Support assistants, smart automation can help deliver consistent omnichannel customer experiences

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October 22, 2020, 12:47 PM GMT+0

A solid omnichannel strategy can help marketers outperform their competitors.

This article suggests how brands can create a consistent omnichannel customer experience as delivering experiences through just one channel isn’t enough anymore. To ensure all areas of customer service are on the same page and in alignment, create a well thought out set of brand guidelines.

To respond to customer queries and feedback quickly, leveraging smart automation could help. For any complex issues that need handling, brands must recruit support assistants who could respond to customers within a guaranteed response window.

To help the support personnel have better insight into customer issues, brands need a combination of platform-independent cloud-based CRM tool and a standard procedure to follow. This might help support assistants gauge what a customer needs and how best to help them.

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