Businesses should align their SEO and non-SEO teams to achieve long-term success

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November 02, 2020, 3:32 PM GMT+0

Without accurate consumer insights and inputs from sales and customer support teams, marketers cannot build a sustainable SEO strategy.

Businesses should align the sales and marketing departments to enable better inter-department coordination. Sales professionals can provide marketers with useful consumer insights, like questions, terms and topics discussed with leads and prospective customers over emails and phone calls. Marketers can use these insights to target their potential customers better.

Similarly, brands should also develop a close working relationship between marketing departments and customer support teams. Customer support teams can help marketers identify consumer pain points and challenges.

Marketers should use insights from both sales and CS teams, along with suggestions from executives to create content. Taking a mission-driven approach that reflects brand values can further help businesses humanise their marketing efforts. They should also ensure values and voices directly impact the customers.

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