Analyse and research microinfluencers’ audience engagement before partnering with them

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November 03, 2020, 1:16 AM GMT+0

Use influencer marketing tools to track engagement, follower count and more.

This article highlights points to be mindful of while partnering with microinfluencers. A microinfluencer must be selected on the basis of their consistency, genuineness of their content and audience engagement levels.

The nature of the engagement must be researched. Deeper conversations that go beyond generic comments are ideal. Once the selection has been made, both parties must commit to a written agreement that carries details of goals, expectations, deadlines, rights, payments and more.

A reputation agreement must also be a part of the overall agreement to safeguard brand reputation. While providing feedback is essential, brands must refrain from micromanaging influencers. When starting a new partnership, considering a trial period could be helpful to brands.  

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