Businesses should audit their website structured data to improve SEO efforts

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November 03, 2020, 5:59 PM GMT+0

Structured data makes a website content more readable to search engine crawlers like Google, helping them understand the content of the page.

Accessing existing structured data markup can help marketers identify errors and fix them to improve SEO efforts. Businesses should check Google Search Console to address structure data related errors as the search engine may penalise websites that use markup incorrectly or in a manner that appears spammy.

Businesses can further validate the revised structured data by testing it in Rich Results Test (RTT). Using keyword-tracking software like STAT can enable marketers to identify keywords with SERP features associated with them.

Marketers should also map their content to schema types and test the content layout for eligibility in rich results. These insights can help businesses spot additional structured data markup opportunities, which can increase their chances of appearing in rich results.

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