COVID-19 continues to dominate media headlines in the US

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November 03, 2020, 4:00 PM GMT+0

V2 Communications surveyed journalists and editors at Forbes and Bloomberg among others to highlight the latest newsroom trends.

The “Roadmap for Navigating the Media Landscape” report found media houses are deeply caught with events like coronavirus outbreak, the US elections, climate issues and racism. With reduced workforce and mega trends continuing to pervade conversations, it is more challenging for brands to grab media attention this year.

Even in business media, COVID-19 continues to rule over all other topics. However, broadcast media producers are open to interviewing business leaders if they are somehow working towards eradicating the virus. Focusing on innovations for stopping the virus spread and misinformation can help tech companies attract media attention.

Similarly, reaching out to reporters with “newsworthy” topics can evoke curiosity among journalists. The article suggests brands can alternatively invest in their communication channels like social media to reach audiences effectively.

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