Displaying certifications on landing pages can help reduce form completion anxiety and boost leads

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November 03, 2020, 1:21 AM GMT+0

Create more landing pages along with offers to appeal to different consumer personas.

This piece suggests best practices marketers could use to optimise landing pages, attract site visitors and generate leads. First off, brands must ensure that landing pages include all essential components like headlines, descriptions, and forms to collect information from potential leads.

Include privacy policies and assure the safety of personal information by displaying certifications and testimonials to encourage site visitors to complete the lead forms. Building forms with fewer fields, clear questions and offering resources like brochures can further increase conversion rates.

Clearly emphasise the offer’s value and include social share buttons and rich media like images to attract leads and widen reach. Eliminating the navigation bar is recommended to retain visitors. Writing simple and to-the-point content can help brands deliver a clutter-less experience.

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