Offering omnichannel experiences across devices can help retailers drive sales amid COVID-19

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November 03, 2020, 1:02 AM GMT+0

Researching about consumers can help retailers anticipate demand and improve online merchandising.

Creating a well thought-out omnichannel strategy with seamless and touchless interactions can help retailers effectively transit from physical to online stores. With more consumers shifting towards digital amid COVID-19, retailers must offer seamless buying experiences across channels to build stronger customer relationships and loyalty.

Retailers must build a sustainable in-store environment, track inventory, and offer value in terms of product availability, convenience, and incentives to transition to online stores. Provide contactless experiences at stores like online purchasing and onsite pickup, hyperlocal deliveries, create outdoor shopping spaces, and offer on-demand retail at home.

Further, implementing augmented reality (AR) can help demonstrate products through mobile devices on demand. Working with influencers, offering personalised experiences and investing in AR is recommended to drive consumers’ purchasing decisions.

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