Leverage ABM accounts and growth markets to build a profitable financial model for the next year

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November 04, 2020, 1:48 AM GMT+0

Testing and measuring the forecasted model can help brands remain agile and build a robust balance sheet.

Businesses creating a strategic revenue forecasting model for the next year should re-evaluate their strategies and reconsider their current economic situation and of the world. Assess industry growth and identify key target consumers and their spending trajectory to appropriately forecast revenue for 2021.

Creating account-based and segment-based strategies and restructuring martech stack can help brands activate account-based marketing (ABM). Consider key account size, maturity, growth markets, competitors’ position and execute a digital transformation to deliver content and engage audiences.

Identifying cross-selling opportunities, best consumer targets and offering them the highest business value is recommended to increase revenue forecasts. B2C brands should create retention, referral programs and target their most valued consumers to maximise their business profits.

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