Crafting emails with dynamic content can help brands personalise post-purchase emails at scale

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November 05, 2020, 8:25 AM GMT+0

Marketers can use post-purchase emails to share educational content, build a community, and attract new consumers through referrals.

This piece highlights best practices and types of emails brands could use for their post-purchase email campaigns. Sending out post-purchase emails allows businesses to build relationships with consumers after sales, keep them informed about the order, and prompt them to make more purchases.

Using dynamic content in emails based on different audience segments is recommended. Leverage customer data to create dynamic and tailored emails at scale. Businesses should maintain different post-purchase email series for new and repeat customers.

Tools like Fusion can help leverage consumer data in email-marketing. Brands must follow a sequence to send out post-purchase emails to cross-sell, retain consumers, and build trust. This sequence includes order confirmation, shipping confirmation, relationship building, review request, and reorder discounts.

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