Customer marketing programs can help brands lower consumer churn and boost sales

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November 06, 2020, 1:29 AM GMT+0

Developing targeted marketing material can optimise cross-selling and upselling while providing value to consumers.

Creating customer marketing strategies can help B2B marketers retain consumers, acquire new ones, build long-term relationships, loyalty and drive sales. This can be done by developing customer marketing programs and targeting consumers from the post-purchase phase of the funnel.

Brands must craft personalised onboarding content, feature consumers in case studies, testimonials and create referral programs to make them feel valued and appreciated. Monitor the company’s presence on social channels and engage with consumers directly to address concerns and improve customer service.

Hosting a customer-focused webinar is recommended to help reduce customer churn and educate them on most recent product developments and updates. Marketers can also encourage their clients to leave feedback on third-party review platforms to drive buying decisions from other B2B buyers.

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