Develop a content strategy to communicate public-health messages this holiday season

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November 06, 2020, 1:36 AM GMT+0

Companies must create a guide on safety and offer alternatives to usual holiday gatherings.

With the possibility of another COVID-19 wave impacting the US and Europe, this piece suggests factors brands must consider while crafting messages this holiday season. Shifting marketing messages to digital platforms is recommended, as more consumers are expected to shop online for holidays.

Create a content strategy with multiple channels and deliver transparent and empathetic messages to effectively communicate public-health messages. Analyse the perspective of consumers stuck at home before executing any marketing campaigns or programs. Brands should prioritise health and safety messages throughout 2020.

Companies must create pre-holiday messages warning employees of the risks of attending large gatherings and communicate safety messages to consumers. Schedule video calls, offer to help build communities that deliver meaningful experiences and address isolation and depression among staff and consumers.

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