Embracing contextual targeting can help marketers better target users in a cookie-less world

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November 06, 2020, 5:13 PM GMT+0

Studies suggest contextual targeting can increase purchase intent by 63%, as opposed to the audience or channel level targeting.

With third-party cookies phasing out soon, marketers should look for alternative options to target consumers with personalised adverts. Businesses should consider contextual marketing as studies found that consumers were 83% more likely to recommend the product in the advertisement when targeted at the contextual level, as opposed to the audience or channel level.

Contextual targeting uses real-time data related to the viewer’s context at the moment the ad is viewed. It analyses text, audio, video and imagery to create contextual advertising segments, which ensures that the advertising appears in a relevant and appropriate environment.

Embracing contextual marketing can also help brands create adverts that resonate with their audiences. Moreover, studies found that brand favourability was 40% higher for consumers targeted at the contextual level.

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