Adopt innovative production and engagement strategies with emphasis on sustainability

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November 09, 2020, 11:42 AM GMT+0

Implement resource recovery to reuse materials or products from waste to demonstrate commitment towards sustainability.

With COVID-19 making people more aware of their actions and its impact on the environment, sustainability has risen in importance. Jessica Trief of Sterling Brands states that companies must adapt to new production and distribution realities, as they strive to become more sustainable.

Investing in reorganising sourcing could help companies produce sustainably at scale. Also, as the pandemic forces businesses to develop strategies like reshoring and localising production, it may also decrease carbon emission.

Further, with consumers spending more time at home amid COVID-19, they are likely to pay more attention to packaging than before. Create packaging with secondary uses to decrease waste and costs, while engaging consumers. For example, Nestlé Japan is replacing plastic KitKat wrappers with a paper version.

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