Businesses should consider content as an integral part of their lead generation strategies

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November 09, 2020, 4:00 PM GMT+0

With customer journeys becoming longer and more complicated, leads are now being considered as the “new conversions.”

Marketers should understand their target audiences’ desires, their stage on the sales funnel and search intent. They should make sure their content matches with the prospects’ search intent to generate high-quality leads. It can not only help drive leads but also improve the website’s organic traffic.

Instead of making a sales pitch through the CTAs, businesses should ensure that their call-to-action matches with the content’s purpose. For instance, companies can offer additional useful resources in the CTAs or include a survey prompting readers to share their opinion.

Analysing CRM data can help marketers understand the unique needs of each customer in the different stages of the sale funnel. These insights should then be used to anchor first-time visitors, engage inactive leads and reengage returning visitors.

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