Brands must create mobile-friendly content and optimise it for local searches to drive sales

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November 10, 2020, 2:53 AM GMT+0

Use advertising platforms like Google and Facebook and setup email campaigns for effective remarketing.

This article highlights content marketing trends for 2021 and how brands could develop content strategies around them. With online sales increasing amid COVID-19 and more businesses investing in online marketing, marketers must apply creativity and flexibility in content marketing to compete.

Develop mobile-friendly websites, content and CTAs with faster conversion tunnels to enhance brand discovery and sales. Creating searchable content with tools like text-optimiser can help satisfy consumers’ immediate needs in “micro-moments”.

Leverage AI-based writing tools to incorporate data in content and offer over-the-top services to deliver personalised content to prospects. Streaming videos and hosting virtual events is recommended to engage prospects. Multi-channel marketing strategies can help brands be present where the consumers are and serve across demographics.

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